Wickerbill / NASCAR spoiler for Gen 3 Charger

From: $250.00

Wickerbill / NASCAR spoiler for 2015 – 2019 Charger

This is the Wickerbill / NASCAR spoiler for Gen 3 (2015 – 2019) Charger.  It is an attachment to either the Hellcat Spoiler or the Phatcat Spoiler.

RT trim has a stock 3 piece spoiler which we offer a 3 piece wickerbill.  Please send us an email for that option.

Other trim which doesn’t have the stock spoiler need to get the Hellcat spoiler for an additional $150 (match painted) in order to attach the wickerbill.

The wickerbill comes standard with black screws and washers however you can upgrade to many of our custom colors like red or green.

Additionally, with the purchase of a package deal of our wickerbill and the Phatcat or Hellcat, CMW will install the nutserts into the spoiler for you for easy install.  No need for the nutsert tool.

  • Gloss Black Powder Coating Color Comes Standard.

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  • Please choose a cutout option to customize.

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    • 40 $

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Weight 1 lbs